Sword Faery 

Ouroboros Miniatures 5th anniversary limited edition

Our 5th anniversary limited edition release of the Sword Faery is sculpted by the lovely Lua Garo, she stands at roughly 154mm tall to the top of her wings. Casting is done by Madness Casting Studio and she consists of ten pieces of high quality resin. The spectacular box art is done by Matteo Carnevale!



''Viridia had ventured far away from the safety of the Realms of Titania. Curious as always, she wanted to see what lay on the outskirts between Titania's lands and those of Elves and Men. It didn't take too long before she reached what seemed to be a long forgotten battlefield, where men and elves had fought a bitter battle many years ago. They had all but destroyed each other and what had remained were countless bones and remnants of broken weapons and rusty armor. Viridia, tired from her long flight, found a place to rest a little bit. Surveying the area, she wondered what had caused these races to put such hatred and violence upon each other. It seemed so meaningless to her. And with that she took off again, back to the safety and comfort of her own lands...''

Sword Faery limited edition

The Sword Faery is our 5th anniversary limited edition piece and is sculpted by the lovely Lua Garo. She stands at roughly 154mm tall to the top of her wings and consists of 10 pieces of high quality resin. She is cast by Madness Casting Studio with box art by Matteo Carnevale.


Sculptor: Lua Garo

Size: 154mm
Material: Resin
Parts: 10



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Sword Faery

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