Coming soon!

We have an exiting new range coming soon called Animal Kingdoms. The range will feature therianthropic characters sculpted by the gifted hands of Allan Diego Carrasco

The first sculpt is that of the king of animals himself, the majestic lion. He's named Nkosi, which in the Zulu language means king.

This 1:24 scale miniature is almost 85mm high (to the top of his manes) and is cast in high quality resin by Macone Models.

TJMarsh Art has done a wonderful job on the box art which you can see below.

We will have 100 copies ready to go out straight away so if you don't want to miss this one, then please consider signing up to our newsletter to make sure that you are notified when the release goes live!

Cyber Belles Stl files Edition!

Now live on Kickstarter!


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