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Cyber City official release


We have just added all of the products from the Cyber City Kickstarter campaign to our store. Limited numbers available. Click the Cyber City banner to be taken to the store!


Add CYBER15! during check out and receive a 15% discount! Offer valid until the end of April!




Due to new rules surrounding Brexit, we are unable to ship orders to customers in the UK right now. We hope this will change soon and we can start delivering again to the UK. Outstanding orders will be fulfilled but might have a delay.


2021 preview... CP_Mother

Here's the long overdue successor to CP_New Skin. She's been in the works for a long time (along with another sister!) but she should see a release soon hopefully. We will reveal more about her soon but the idea in short was that computers/A.I. have taken (and will take) over a lot of things. Who knows, maybe bearing life and giving birth at one point in the future too...?

She is sculpted by Edgar Marocsek, the same sculptor who did CP_New Skin.

More info soon...